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Welcome to The Silver Crusade!

Getsuey / Feb 06, 2022
Welcome to our The silver Crusade page! We will be utilizing this to make a better selection of our candidates and to keep everyone posted with the events inside the guild.

The Silver Crusade was created on December the 15th 2021 on Icecrown server. We are a group of laid back players who take the game seriously while allowing for real life.We strongly believe that preparation outside of the raid instance is very important for a good performance while raiding. Therefore, it is expected that our crusaders (all ranks included here) stay current on their classes, actively read for tips on encounters, and have a good idea of a progression boss/strategy before we even set foot inside the raid.

We value everyone's opinion and encourage open communication among members to try to find good solutions to raid issues or other guild related difficulties but also speak up on how to make the time spent online enjoyable.



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